Best Gaming Graphic Cards

There are a lot of ways to describe best graphic card. You can describe them based on their value, their price or their speed. 

Graphic cards will impact your experience in a way that no other component can.  Here we shall rang the graphic cards based on their performance.  Well as a real money online casino gambler, there are times when you decide to engage in gaming, you can check out these  graphic cards. Before we look at the graphic cards we shall give you shopping tips.

Shopping tips 

When buying graphic cards there is need to take note of the following;

  • Resolution – if you want more pixels the, you will need more performance. Note that you do not need a first class to game at 1080p.
  • PSU – try to make sure that your power supply has enough juice.  Also make sure that it has the right six or eight pin connector. A good example is the Nvidia which recommends a 650 watt PSU for the RTX 2017 Supper, you will also need six pin and eight pin peg connectors.
  • Video Memory:  for now we recommend a minimum of   4G card. 6G models are however better and 8G is the best that we can recommend.
  •  FreeSync compared to G-Sync – the two will synchronize your GPU’s frame rate with your screen’s refresh rate.  

Best graphics Cards for Gaming

RTX 2080

This is the best overall Graphics card. 

It is the fastest non-Titan graphics card, also it can rightfully do 47K ultra at 60 fps. Its factory overload models are readily available.  This is definitely the card to get if you want to play at 4K or 1440p .

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Nvidia’s turing architecture is at the core of of the RTX 2080 Ti.  It boosts performance even if you do not allow ray tracing or DLSS. 

RTX 2080

The RTX 2080 is the best high-end graphics card.  It has GPU (TU104), ITS GPU scores 3072., the Boost clock is 1,815 MHz  and the video ram is 8G  GDDR 15 Gbps. The RTX 2080 is the se8cond fastest when it comes to consumer graphics cards.  It has a better price to performance ratio as compared to 2080 Ti. It is the fastest GDDR6 in a graphics card. 

You can save up to 35% on the price, this is because it is slightly cheaper than the 2080 Ti. It i[s very difficult to see a difference between ultra and  high quality. 

RX 5700XT

RX 5700XT  the best AMD GPU at the moment. To add on to that, it has a good price.  Its new RDNA  architecture allows it to have better performance as well as efficiency.  The 5700 XT is fast, it is as fast as the Radeon VII and it is half the price of Radeon.  The disadvantage however is that AMD does not support hardware or software ray tracing.  AMD’s and GPUs do better in games that use either DirectX 12 or the Vulkan API although DX11 games  favour Nvidia.

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